I avoided all the sensationalist garbage centered around the World Trade Center attack but this
stuff was kind of strange.

Several people who were on the ground at the site reported that when they saw the first plane hit
Tower #1, they also saw a 'projectile' which passed the plane and seemingly landed on the
ground. Speculation began about a missle, and asked if the military had somehow known what
was about to happen and tried to shoot the plane down. This was denied by the government, and
the people who had seen this 'missle' were told it was probably falling debris. This is the middle
of jam packed New York City...no one's going to be firing missles that might land on yet another
sky scraper and take 4 city blocks with it. Ok...made sense.

As the story got out, those who had been at the site started checking their various video camera
and digital films frame by frame and turned up proof of this 'debris' and another "UFO" flying past
the WTCs at the time of both attacks. No one reported seeing these with the naked eye and there
were no planes or helicopters in the area; having been banned from entering the airspace. These
objects were only visible on a few frames of SOME people's videos. They were moving incredibly
fast (as I'll show on Video #2) and vanished even though there would seem to have to be a point
of impact to some of them surely they'd hit another building, land on the ground or destroy
something away from the immediate site when it landed? Something else was going on out
there....are these UFOs? Did "they" know ?
This is the one I saw on TV once or twice before it (not surprizingly) wasn't shown any more. It
wasn't until people remarked they saw a "missle" that the mainstream press admitted that they,
too, had caught this on some tapes. They speculated it was 'debris' falling from the first tower -
then why didn't it fall straight down? or part of the 2nd plane shearing off as it hit the building -then
why didn't it land anywhere? And how did it get way the heck on the FAR side of the other Tower,
already burning? It's as wide AS the building yet no one saw it with the naked eye. Or is it?

Which made me think it's elongated due to it's speed being 'smeared' by the camera. Yet the
camera froze the blast of the jet impact ball of flame, and you know how fast that was going.
Compare the frames and notice how far this object got in the time the explosion flame barely even
had time to move.

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