This film was taken by a Japanese tourist and was reported on Japanese TV. The tourist
taking this was standing on the balcony of his hotel with his family. None of them saw anything
but the plane during this time...not another plane, not a bird, nada.

The object (red triangle) sits and waits until the jet (yellow trinagle) that hit Tower #2 flies
past. Then it accelerates suddenly to catch up to it, passing it exactly as it impacts. Before
the fireball even blooms, this UFO is well beyond the vicinity. That means it was traveling
pretty damn fast, literally flying by for a look. It seems to dip towards the ground as it fades
out yet there have been no reports of anything hitting the ground, exploding or landing..
This is the exact second the plane impacted with Tower 2.
You can see the "lump" of the explosion just starting to
show up (circle). In this nanosecond of time the UFO
has traveled higher into the air and continues well off to the
left where it fades from view on the frames. More detail of
this and another anomaly can be seen on the next page.
This shows the UFO sitting 'waiting' while the plane that
hits the WTC #2 flies over head and passes it. The
smoke is from burning Tower # 1, hit about 45 minutes
The plane about to hit the WTC Tower #2.
The red mark shows the UFO starting towards
the plane from the right at just about the
second of impact. Compare it's size to that of
the passenger jet.

a 3rd?
page 3
this is a pop-up window with the video footage in it. It takes
about a minute to load. I've done it this way so you can go read
the stuff here and on the next page and see the stills, but have
the video up and looping for reference, too.