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Sept 20 - I've been putting stuff up, been back and forth, uploading on the fly as I do family stuff because they all seem to get old and sick at the same time. My Gram is 93 and I've been Grandma Sitting. She is Yoda-like and I can probably pick her up under one arm, like cordwood. I think she said she's 4'6" which is like a lawn ornament compared to me, so it's been interesting. SO I forgot to update this page and update the update date on the front page. I know this is aggravating, but it's part of my charm :) This is a good excuse to look at the WHOLE site and send me all the broken links and typos, huh?

July 30 - I put a few things up but forgot what the hell I did. I added an article about recent accidents at Disneyland. I'll get to more this weekend and figure out what I did...I've been playing "nurse" to sick family members, who are all 140 and like to talk about their bowel problems all day long. I mean alllll dayyyy long. Bored? I'd be happy to share details with you. My nerves are shot from hearing about the benefits of eating something you shouldn't so you have explosive diarrhea or just chugging Metamucil 3 times a day.. ...anyone need a room mate? :)

May 11 - Update to Death trivia - Marissa wrote to tell me why you can't smoke on Death Row in Texas and I added a few more trivia tidbits. Added to Odd pics 3. I added a few things over the weekend and totally forgot what the hell they are (I do this a lot). Watched Court TV way too much and am getting annoyed at how Diane Dimond says a fast little "uh" every 8 seconds. Read some email, which took ages. I wonder..does anyone really ever buy "prescription" drugs online from someone who has a subject line like: "buy âmßien $$ ®it@!in"? Does this really strike people as a safe, stable venue from a serious businessman?

May 2 - Dad had heart surgery but is 100% :) yay! Added to Death and something else but I lost my notes. I ran out the door the other day and lost my place here. I'm re-messing around with the Archeology section. I need a secretary. A funny one. I'll put more up today. I just sat down. AND I read about 15 Emails..so only 837 more to go!

Apr 24. Well, 25th technically because it's 12:03. I added two things to Odd Pics 3. I'm spending most of my time cleaning up this huge mess that is my FTP area and wondering who the heck sent me all this stuff I'm finding, or wondering why I didn't write down what things are that I scanned. Yes, I'm blonde. I really thought 7 people would see the site a year and didn't have to be organized, so I have a bit of an excuse :)

Apr 23 - Religion redone and up. I'm an hour late. Now I'm going to go read The Globe and laugh at all the poor, effed up rich celebrities and all their problems so I can feel like a well adjusted, blessed human being.

Apr 22 - I'm, as we speak, re-doing the Religion section and adding Chicago's current religious circus - the Fullerton Avenue Underpass Virgin Mary holy salt water run-off stain. I'll have it up later tonight. It's uh....5:40 Central time right now. It's pouring out and cold. A seagull was sitting on my window lege yelling it's head off when I pulled up the Religion section, and I'm wondering if it's an omen :) Or a warning not to drink any more of this Swiss Miss stuff.

I lied. It's 12:04 AM. This is taking forever. I'll have some up tomorrow

Apr 21- No, I didn't forget you! I just sat down so haven't done much yet...two things added to Odd pics 3. Beheaded heads added to the Death section. I'm getting so much email (like, 80 a day) I'm about 3 months behind, so bear with. Does anyone make a decent, instant hot chocolate? This Swiss Miss stuff is like Kaopectate. Now with Marshmallows!

March 2 - I am done brooding about the fact that the free service I sent my newsletter out on now wants $120 a year, so I can't send it out any more. I put some things up on Odd Pics 3. Added something to Death section. I've been reading email; I get about 70 a day and am buried. If you wrote, I'll get to it, promise. I enjoy all the virus files, and the clever subject lines like "slkjfoi jfhuutp kfhoiuyegro 8786". DO people open these? I get 18 emails in a row, all with the same header, all with the same size file on it. Hoooo-kay. Don't forget the fake Ebay account cancellations unless you put your info online NOW, being told my Washington National Bank account was hacked (who or where the hell is Washington bank?), PayPal hates me and I better go put all my personal bank info in again. One idiot even sent me mail pretending to be a seller on Ebay of an item I was bidding on, telling me to mail him the money. It was sent a day before the auction was over and the moron put his real name and entire address on it so I knew where to send the money. Aren't kids in school during the day? They said on Court TV that Michael Jackson was dabbing tears from his eyes at his trial yesterday. Awwww. I was hoping for a Tammy Faye-like mascara run. If he has to blow his nose, does he have to do it through his ear? :)

Feb 17 - Moved some of Odd Pics 3 to Odd Pics 2 and cleaned things up. My Editor in Chief is going to the vet in a while, so I have to go put my deep sea diving suit so I can get him into his carrier without losing a quart of blood. I'll be back later

Feb 14-15 wee hours - Added a few things to Science and updated all the pages and code. I've been making a new front page for the site to make it all smaller, and I hate Dreamweaver so much, I can't even tell you. Uh...I did some other things, too, but my Starbuck's Double Mocha is wearing off and my brain has shut down.

Feb 9 - Done updating OP2. I have to move some stuff from OP3 over there. I hate Dreamweaver. HATE. Working on Science and OP3 and a newsletter. I made some flashy stuff for the front I'm checking out. I still have my migraine. I'll put some new stuff up this weekend. Do they still make Kayo pop?

Feb 7 - Almost done updating Odd Pics 2 page. I'm working on a newsletter, too. I have a horrible migraine today and already took 3 Imitrex shots. It might be that damn Lord of the Rings movie we watched yesterday. It was 49 hours long, I swear, and every time a scene was over we'd all go "Whew! Well, that was interes...." and damn if the thing didn't just keep going and start up again. Very cool special effects, gorgeous scenery. I'm wondering how much $$$ Orlando Bloom made, uttering all of about 14 lines, total, in all three movies? I'm sorry, I just don't "get" LOTR. I got through 4 pages of the first book back in high school, I barely forced myself to watch the first movie, it's just DUMB. Us girls found only 2 cute guys in the whole movie, not counting Aragorn which I told my sis she could have :) There was one with long dark hair standing in the castle way the back, visible for 2 seconds in one scene, so it was disappointing to me. My sis doesn't like long hair, so we wouldn't fight over guys which was nice to find out. Mom told us both to shut up about 4,947 times during the movie and found bloopers as we grew bored and heckled it.

Feb 5-6 wee hours- Still messing with Odd Pics 2 and updating, adding to the items as I take down the pop up windows. That Alien Bug thing was pretty damn funny, if I do say so myself. I'm going to go see Lord of the Rings 3 with my mom and sis tomorrow at a friend of Sis's. We snored through #2 but it's tradition we see all 3 together. It's fun hearing them OOO and AHHHH over Legolas. Someone called me earlier to ask me if I thought it was coincidence that a certain tabloid has FOUR items in it's current issue that I have on my Odd Pics section. You think I'd be rich, eh? :)

Feb 3 - updating the stuff on Odd Pics 2, taking the pop-up stuff down and making it all pages. I didn't do this before because people didn't have pop-up blockers and I was trying to save space.
Listening to the neighbor's car alarm go off literally every 15 minutes, for two solid minutes each time, on his new fancy Lexus SUV and wishing I had an air rifle because I'd dearly love to take the windows out and be helpful in giving the alarm a valid reason to go off. I'm a great shot and figure I can pick them out from my window, Lee Oswald-style.
Watching Court TV. Listening to Roe Conn on WLS radio. They broadcast on the internet for free, 2-6pm Central time. He's pretty funny. I wish Jim Johnson would shut the hell up for 20 seconds, tho.

Feb 1 - I updated a few things, forgot what and forgot to put up that I did. It wasn't anything terrific, I just redid a bunch of pages. I need a secretary and another comp. Aren't you glad you bothered to read this? :)

Jan 26 - Added to Odd Pics3. Answered about 40 EMails. Added to Chemtrails and realized I have to redo that whole mess, too. Added to Death. Looked online for some good bread machine recipes, to no avail.

Jan 24 - I forgot what the hell I put up. I've been reading mail.

Jan 15 - tweaked the Denver Airport site. My sis is going there on a business trip, and won't take me. I said "Tell them I'm your wife". That didn't go over too big. Since I don't feel like sleeping in the airport I guess I won't go :( :sob:. Messed with fixing some stuff various places. The holidays really took up a lot of time. Someone stop by and help me for a few days? I make great tomato soup...it'll be worth your while. For those of you who are bored waiting, you can read how my New Year went

Nov 26 - fixing the Archeology section as we speak and getting whole thing out of my $10 E-Z web page maker from 3 years ago. It'll take a few days. My comp is a piece of crap and I have the attention span of a ferret

Nov. 19, 04 - The Great Molasses Flood, Odd Pics 3

Nov. 9, 04 - Disney section cleaned up, redone with no layers, and some things added to it

Nov - various puttering and fixing of broken links, sent in by Mike (thanks!) Ghost section all fixed. Just a note: if you find a broken link please tell me where it is. You peeps who write in saying HEY YOU STOOPID BITCH HALF YER PAGES IZ DOWN AND ARNET WERKING SO ITS BROKE are not being constructive. And remember: spellcheck iz your friend

Somewhere in here - Kurt Cobain murder section cleaned up, rechecked

Aug 16, 04 - Grace Hopper - Science

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