This is a frame by frame of the video clip. Estimated time of clip is 3 seconds. Most of the frames are shown
individually below except those which duplicate each other. Enlargement of UFOs are shown to the right of where it
could be seen clearly, magnified 300x. The frame # is next to photo. As you can see, in the time it takes the plane to
just hit the WTC # 2 and begin to explode, this thing has come into the area and gone, passing right by it as if
sightseeing. But there was something else, too.

On frame 17, you can see a glint at the front of the second "ufo" as it passes in front of the Tower on the right. It looks
like an oval object catching the sun.

Someone said maybe it was a bird..so I blew up the sections. Sure doesn't look or act like one. The gentleman who
took the clip also stated there was not a thing out there at the time.
Was there a third one?
Below you can see the UFO take a large jump in
distance from #11 to #12 and tilt in 12-13-14
location of Object, with gamma
changed to highlight
You can just barely make out the bulge of the explosion
coming off the right side of the tower as the plane
begins to explode.
UFO 3 - see the white dot or 'light ball" on the side of the building
which appeared all of a sudden? Watch it, and watch it on the video...
it appears fall down along the building, so I assumed it was debris.
Then is looks like it's hit by this dark object and shoots straight up
in a slight left arch and stops as outlined here -->
this is a pop-up window with the video footage in it. It takes
about a minute to load. I've done it this way so you can go read
the stuff here and on the next page and see the stills, but have
the video up and looping for reference, too.