Alien Face on Off TV

photos © opyright

Mike says," I have an addition for your collection which causes me to write this to you. A friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) showed me this photo over a year ago. It was taken In New Jersey about 1987. It is presently in the possession of his girlfriend who got it from the woman who took it. This woman was taking a picture of her grandkid. The scene is a typical living room with the kid in one of those kiddie walker things. In the background of the photo is a TV. The TV was off. You can see the halo from the flash on the screen. But you can also see an ALIEN face in the screen - very clearly. Very malevolent looking. I have black-barred out the kid's eyes. I know enough about computers and retouching etc, to know that this could have been faked if someone really wanted it to be. But having held this photo in my hand and examined this photo plus having worked in print production in NYC I have determined for me that this is no fake".

Consider it shared. And this thing gives me the creeps.

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