I got a digital camera finally (God bless Home Shopping Network) and have been especially intrigued with reports I'd read
from people of all the odd things they picked up with them. Since they use no film, the usual explainations of emulsion or
developing flaws doesn't apply. There's a few ghost site I look at occasionally full of photos that to me are obvious lighting
blips, film defects, rain or moisture light-halos. So I was excited to see what digital can do.
The day I got the camera, 'They' were laying down chemtrails out here like mad. I was standing in one of my windows
with my elbows on the sill to steady my arms, taking several shots of a long one, so I could make a panorama of it (they
can be seen on the "Chemtrail" section of this site). The photos were taken as quickly as the camera allowed between
taking a photo and it storing it and readying for the next; maybe 4-5 seconds. As the camera would go thru this process I'd
look up over the top of the camera and thru the window because there were some birds outside screaming at my cat, who
was in the window to my left, and I got a kick out of it.

This first photo was part of the chemtrail, about the middle of it.

This second photo was taken seconds after. You can see the same smudge of cloud going upwards, tho
the photo is slightly to the right of where I was before. I was stunned to see the "snake"; it was not there to
my naked eye nor in the view finder when I took the photo. Trust me, I would have noticed.
This next photo was taken in the same manner and the snake was only seen when I put the photo on the
computer. As you can see, it's moved downward. If you compare it to the above photo, you can see the
"ridge" along it's back has moved up, also, as if it is swimming. The weirdest thing is that the snake is in
FRONT of the wires, which are about 20 feet from my window. Using this as a guide, I figure the snake's
"head" was about 10" across.
These are closeups and have been lightened. It shows shadows under the snake as if it it solid, and lights
which seem to show the same. The interesting part is what looks like a mouth. Also noticeable are yellowish
spots on the body which again seem to reflect solid, physical features.
I like this guy a lot...tho it disturbs me that it looks filled with blood.