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The Species of our Sky

I came across Bill's photos on another site and wrote to him to ask him for more information. I've seen these 'things' reported as "Roswell Rods" and thought it was all interesting, but there wasn't more than a few photos and the guy claiming to have "discovered" them not only wasn't the first to film them but made no mention of that fact. (I used to love how Art Bell would have people on his radio show who were humble and pretended to be Shocked and Chosen about whatever they 'discovered' or were witness to; then 4-5 months later the same person would be back, talking in the Royal "we", begging for money and telling you how important they and their "research" were. How their "staff" was working without pay to get the answers for us and aren't we grateful enough to write a check? Dammit?) It didn't impress me a whole lot. There's been research by some who think these "rods" are bugs; and the speeds of the film make them appear to be rod-like. That research is convincing and though some was done by debunkers who would of course come up with an explanation for it all, some was also done by those really wanting to find out what these are with no agenda behind it. Regardless, there are still photos and video of "Sky animals" that don't fit into the Big Theory. They're rare, but they're certainly out there.

Bill was happy to share how anyone can capture these creatures on film. I gave it a try using Bill's instructions and got one in 20 minutes of video taping (below). The only thing I can add about the one I filmed was it was the tail end of winter in Chicago and there isn't a bug or flying creepy anywhere alive to be found. Or why the "bodies" would be tubular or often not at all visible. I'd think a bug would leave a dark smudge or some color that reflected the fact there is a solid body there.

This is Bill's letter and more of his photos:


      Photos are copyright © William Watson used with permission


There is no trick or magic to taking photos of the UFO's. Furthermore, I also recommend you look up and see what John Bro has posted on the "Black Vault" web site. What you saw is only a small amount of the UFO's that I have videotaped; and, although I have copyrights to all the photos you are free to show or use them as long as they are not used to ridicule past or present day UFO research. My photos are of a phenomenon that I do not have all the answers to...at least at the present time!

In answer to some of the many questions and comments I have received regarding my UFO photos.

1. Whatever the UFO's are...experimental earth type craft, living creatures or craft piloted by aliens they have been seen for too many centuries and, at least to my knowledge, have never indicated that they are hostile or dangerous. If they do prove to be alien craft then it is quite possible that we are the ones being studied or watched to see how we, as a world, continue to evolve.

2. If I and others can photograph them then I'm quite sure (and know) that ours and other governments are able to do so. As to why do they do not inform the public as to what the UFO's are or might be perhaps the answer might be that they are afraid of mankind's response for it is possible that our small worlds beliefs and economic system would not survive the shock of knowing that we are not alone in the universe or have the best or most advanced of technology. Personally, I have found that most people would rather believe that what is being seen is a form of life, bacteria or insect from our planet, rather than admit that to believing in alien life from another planetary system, for they seem to be fearful of the truth.

3. I have a number of different photo programs but the one that serves me the best is Paint Shop Pro 5. My photos/videos have shown, through use of computer enlargement and color subtraction, that what I have videotaped could very well be large-sized piloted craft (UFO's) for I have videotaped at least eight different type UFO's and have documented that they travel (almost daily) on routes and azimuths that appear to not deviate too often from being regular flight paths. The flight paths are not like those of an insect or bee as they do deviate and change directions.


4. You too can take these photos and it doesn't seem to matter what type of video camera you use. On any clear, sunny day, by using a roof overhang or shadowed area to keep the sun from entering the camera and damaging the lens or light meter, take your pictures within or at the outside edge of the suns corona for they seem to use the sun light to camouflage their bodies or craft. I have found that that I have better luck if I videotape (in 20 minute segments) on a north to south azimuth, between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm EST, I get the best results for there seem to be more UFO's traveling the skies during this time period. Most of the craft are traveling far too fast for the human eye to focus upon other than perceiving or seeing an instantaneous, white flash. However, upon viewing the videotape, with a VCR, I am able to see the white flashes of light. Once I have located a flash or streak of white light I then view the tape, one frame at a time and the craft will usually take on a definite form. If it is not possible to view the tape one frame at a time then slow down or stop your VCR then you will be able to see them quite successfully. The UFO's vary in size, some are 10 to 30 meters while others appear to be at least a mile in length. If you know the possible altitude of the craft then you are able to determine it's approximate size. Of further interest is that they are usually traveling far in excess of 5,000 miles-per-hour.. .pretty damn fast for a bug!

copyright © William Watson

5. My background: Although I was involved in UFO and alien retrieval in the early 1970's I now believe that the reason for my being recruited for that particular duty was due to my having had close encounters prior to and early on in my military career. I was a school trained and operational US Army Special Forces soldier with four combat tours in Vietnam (1964-1970). In the early 1970's, while stationed in Panama, I was recruited and utilized as a guard for alien operations and was operational on two remembered occasions. Prior to my going on an operational assignment I was shown a manual, (possibly an indoctrination procedure), which had drawings (not photos) of what were stated to be extraterrestrial craft. Although, I was never allowed an up close examination of any craft or aliens I was told that what I saw or read was op Secret and unlike most other classified material was not to be divulged even after a 10-year limitation period. One further side affect was that I was not allowed to travel outside the continental United States until I had been out of military service for 10-years.

6. At this writing I am 66 years old, with a badly damaged heart, (not to fret as I have lived an extremely interesting and productive life)and now realize that what I have kept a secret for so many years should now be known to all. I also know that many of the UFO's are piloted craft. Their pilots are entities from Earth and other worlds. UFO's have been reported for far too many centuries and their capabilities a re far beyond our worlds past if not present degree of technology. My personal belief is that we might never have been alone, at least as long as humanity has been a bipedal humanoid upon this planet. I credit that to the many strange phenomena that have seen during my 24 years of military service and travel, and to the new/old discoveries now being made, almost daily, regarding our past and lost heritage. A good (possible) example of which is the lost cities recently discovered, in Brazil, Peru, Russia and those deep within the sea, off the coast of Cuba (2,300 feet below the oceans surface), India (now believed to be at least 9,000 years old) and Okinawa. I'm enclosing three more of my photos and a pictorial schematic of how I film the UFO's...enjoy.

Good Luck...Bill
U.S. Army Special Forces (Abn), Retired
     More photos from Bill:

copyright © William Watson    

This was sent in by MaryJ, New York

Mary writes: "I did this mainly to prove to myself what a crock it all was, but this showed up on 3 frames. This is the best frame. It was definitely moving very fast and the weird thing is when I was standing out there, I heard something whiz by like a bee..kind of a "zzzzzz!" and thought it WAS a bee until I realized it's April and there aren't any bees (or bugs!) outside yet. I wonder if I heard this thing?

This is the one I got on one frame


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