This photo of a "shadow being"
was taken by a computer
The person whose home it was
had some anomalous things
going on and often 'felt' someone
there. She left her computer
web camera on for a few hours,
recording the room, then went
back and looked through the
frames. This is what showed up
on only two of them. Is this the
first true photo of a shadow
person? Shadow people are
seen by thousands of people and
some speculate they're another
'species' of life that just move too
fast for us to see. Some catch
them out of the corner of their
eyes and others have had pretty
harrowing, face-on encounters
with them.
There are people who swear if
you record with a web camera
like this and play it back, or
record with a video camera and
loop it thought your TV, then look
frame by frame when you're
done, you'll find all kinds of
beings/things stopping by.
Cameras see things we can't and
don't. You know that odd feeling
that you're being watched?
You probably are. }:)
please write for permission..I had to!