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VeriChip Implant ID - Progress or the Death of Privacy?

A technology company, Veri-Chip, is making a computer identification chip that can be imbedded in humans. They're selling stock, and even giving a $50 discount to the first 100,00 who sign up to have this done when they manufacture them and get the Go Ahead from the government. . The government thinks this is a terrific idea..maybe it should even be mandatory! Let's plant a Lo-Jack tracker device in every US citizen who lives here! That'll fix things! Go after the citizens and leave the illegals alone. Uh huh.

Not that I have an opinion. No, not me. :) Did you see "The Matrix"? I just envision that thing they sucked out of his belly button.

The chip is about the size of a large grain of rice and is already used by veterinarians to tag pets - when I adopted Zack, my Editor In Chief, from the Humane Society, they stuck one in the back of his neck. I have no idea what information is it in - an owner's name, address or phone could be totally different from when they adopted him so that info could do no good if he's lost. Oh..they asked me for my Social Security numberm too! Well whew, all is OK. I don't know if pounds routinely scan animals to see if they're carrying this thing now in the course of trying to ID where a lost animal might belong. They did tell me I couldn't adopt him unless I let them put it in.

Areas being discussed for implantation in us Human People are the web of the thumb or the underside of the wrist. They claim it would be difficult to remove and next to impossible to counterfeit.

They say the chip could dramatically improve security for airports (so you can bypass those lines of screeners who, helpfully, For Our National Security, publicly rifle through your Tampax box, looking for rocket launchers or hold up a thong panty in front of 300 people you'll spend 5 hours on a plane with and loudly exclaim, "Where would you wear something like this?!" Not that I had that ever happen to me, of course. Nuclear power plants, military installations, and other high security facilities can use them for I.D.. It can "discourage kidnappers" (they really said this...I guess they never heard of a meat cleaver). It can be used to store medical records. It can hold all your credit, banking, and personal info so one swipe of the chip under a scanner would be as good as using a credit card. It would be positive Positive Identification, because I guess it's been too much bother to make things like Visas, Social Security cards and Passports counterfeit-proof or really hammer the hell out of those who are caught with them or caught supplying or making them. Nah, better to implant everyone else. But I digress.

Each chip is a radio frequency device that comes preloaded with it's own unique identification number "and other data" that is part of the chip. When needed, an external scanner would send a radio signal through the skin and trigger the 'dormant' VeriChip, which would signal back it's information. The number is displayed by the scanner and the information transmitted to an "FDA compliant secure data storage site by authorized personnel via telephone or Internet". And we all know how secure the phone lines and the internet is. I feel safe already.

Information I read also added, by way of how damn exciting this would be, that it can be also be used to locate someone, anywhere, anytime, with global tracking. Hey wait ....didn't they say it "lays dormant" until triggered by some at-hand scanner?
So....how can They activate this chip anytime they want, via satellite, and find anyone who's got one anytime they want to? Oh..I'm digressing again. Sorry.

Privacy advocates say the chip is the end of civil liberties and that it smacks of New World Order. Stealing someone's identity would be as simple as carving the chip out of them. There's no word on who the "authorized personnel" would be, what laws there would be against the data or your personal 'frequency' being sold, tapped or shared, or how this might be used in ways we'd never know about nor be able to "prove". It's mentioned that "tagging" the law abiding, legal citizens or people who are visiting or living in the country and have followed proper procedures to be here - these aren't the people that need to be tracked and watched. The ones who do need to be are certainly not going to line up and get "Chipped". I feel a rant coming on, so I'm shutting up.

Personally, 'They' will have to threaten me with a fate worse than death before I'd let them put one of these in me. Say, having to listen to 12 hours of Bob Dylan or the Grateful Dead.

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