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It'll get worse..just wait...

This is a work of art that was designed as a prototype for possible future reality by Royal College of Art graduates James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau.

A tiny vibration device and a wireless receiver would be implanted into a tooth during routine dental surgery. The device would send sound from the tooth to the inner ear by bone resonance -using the bones in your body as an invisible, internal antennae, converting digital signals to audio. Only the person with the implant would be able to hear it what is being transmitted. Supposedly the implant could communicate with mobile phones, radios and computers, but so far would only allow one-way reception of the incoming data.

I suppose there's some reason for wanting this 'technology' in your head but I sure as hell can't think of any.

Except to drive someone crazy by making them think they hear voices. But that's all just science fiction, right? ::koff:: }:)


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