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Radiation can be fun!

People used to be seriously nuts the way they played around with "cures", but then they'll say that about us in 25 years when they look at what we consider "current cutting edge medicine". Hell, we say that NOW about what some of these damn doctors do to us. Don't get me started.

When X-rays were discovered in 1895 by Willhelm Röntgen there was much rejoicing. They thought this was just a hilarious parlor trick. This French postcard shows an X-ray beach party, and novelty items like this were popular back then. They had so much fun with this new toy that they even had deep X-Ray "therapy" for skin and bone cancers. Yikes.

What cracked me up about this postcard was the 'large' gentleman on the left having a 'fat' skeleton. A "big boned" joke I guess. . . .Ha ha ha! The apparently comely female with him (so you know he's gotta have money.. . . my joke..ha ha!) has an 'attractive' skeleton while the lard-ass matron to her right with the large um....huge chest has a large chest skeleton, as if boobs are a product of bone. She's with a bean pole guy, who's got bean pole bones - why, you could spend all night at this! Oh, my aching sides!

Ok, ok.... it's cute. The French think Jerry Lewis is comedic genius, so this explains a lot, don't you think?

photo from: Science: A History of Discovery in the 20th Century by Trevor Williams.