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Oldest Rock On Earth

A team from Peking University found a 62 mile long (100 km) fault the contains mantle crust, near the Great Wall of China. Analysis estimates the rock was once laying deep beneath what was sea floor 2.5 billion years ago, which makes it the oldest rock found on the surface of Earth. The rock is full of minerals, including an unusual type of chromite. It appears to have been deformed at extremely high temperatures before it was completely crystallized by volcanic heat. This means it all formed near, or came out out of volcanic vents originating from the very center of the Earth. Many believe it was here that the acids, minerals and Chemical Soups originated from that triggered Life on Earth. Scientists hope that analyzing the minerals and gases contained in this rock will give them some answers as to how and what exactly might have made that happen.

This also indicates that the mantle was moving away from mid-ocean ridges, say scientists, and that the "continents" or existing land masses were on the move 500 million years earlier than was previously believed.


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