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Prepare to get all excited - here's the world's smallest transistor. It's 50-nanometers big, or roughly 1/2000 the width of a human hair and called a "vertical" transistor because it's built by being stacked on top of a base of silicon wafer. Excited yet?

Another big selling point is that unlike regular transistors that can only have a one-way flow of current through it, these babies have a "gate" on each side of the opening - which means the current can be send in either direction and stopped, and reversed. This means that the processing speeds of some silicon chips could be nearly doubled.

In existing modern transistors, the silicon dioxide insulating materials used between the actual currents flow and the transistor wall itself has gotten to be about as thin as technology can make it without atoms leaking through the walls, causing short circuits. No one was having much success finding a replacement because the high temperatures used in the manufacture process would destroy most materials (except for my pal Nolan's brilliant crystal-based, hyper-thin, hyper-fast chip he invented .. pull your pants up, turn your hat around and get yer ass in gear, toots!)

This here nanotansistor works past that because it can be applied after all the high temperature and destructive chemical processes are done.

Excited? :)


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