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A rare find
A meteor that was seen for miles was picked up by British scientists in the remote area of Tagish Lake, Canada. It's estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, - as old as our solar system. The composition is so rare that researchers say it is in a group all it's own. It's higher in extra-terrestrial material than any that has so far been found on Earth.

The meteorite is from a class known as the carbonaceous chondrites which contain organic compounds such as amino acids and carbon. They also contain tiny jewels in the form of pre-solar diamonds and sapphires. This particular meteorite is so unique because it contains compounds containing sulphur that aren't found on Earth and some very odd shapes of sulphide. I'm surprised the US Government didn't grab it so they could BS us that they brought it back from Mars/the moon/Titan one of these days.


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