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The Oldest Dinosaur fossil. Again

Brazilian Paleontologist think they may have discovered the fossil of f the oldest known dinosaur. The critter is thought to be a relative of reptilian carnivores called Thecodonts, which were slogging through the ooze about 235-240 million years ago during the Triassic period. The theory - and heated debate - of the Thecodont Theory is that they were what stopped evolving as, and what we know as, today's crocodiles. The next evolutionary "jump" in that family was to the more agile land version - this guy being it.

The Find was pieced together from two 12" skulls (30 cm) and other bones which put it's estimated size at about 6.5" long (2m). It was found in Rio Grande de Sul province, southern Brazil, by a team led by paleontologist Jorge Ferigolo. He says he hopes to publish the initial Stuff within a year, but of course the digging and research will continue.

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