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Rare photo of ball lightning

This photo of ball lightning was taken by a student in Nagano, Japan in 1987.

Ball lightning is interesting stuff. It's been seen to enter a house, drift around as if contemplating the scenery, then exiting out a wall, leaving everything untouched. It's also been known to blast holes in roofs, blow out every electrical outlet in the place and punch it's way out 2 seconds after quietly waltzing in. One report said the ball lightning came into the room, gently lifted up papers on a desk as if reading, wandered over to the man who was sitting there, stunned, seemed to look him up and down, then drifted up the chimney where it blasted the whole thing to bricks and soot, which rained on the houses next door.

Because there hasn't been much success reproducing ball lightning in labs, some think it can't/doesn't exist and those who see it are Idiots. Others say it's a form of plasma. Others say they've seen them act in "intelligent" ways and it could be another form of "life".
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