Samaipata, Bolivia is 6500 feet above sea
level and like a lot of archeological areas
which are home to Incan ruins, is remote
and inaccessable. The hard rock ground
here has been chiseled and worked with
various designs of geometric patterns, no
mean feat with no 'modern' tools and in a
place where the air is so thin, fires are hard
to keep lit. No one knows who made these
designs; they are said to have been here
already when the local people came to this
area. Paralell tracks can be found in many
places, perfectly straight and even, starting
in no particular place and often ending at
the top of hills or mounds. The people who
lived here long ago were farmers, so there's
no reason to spend the amount of time all
this carving must have taken on something
that had no benefit to their lifestyle.