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Doves of light

I found the page of an eyewitness to this phenomenon, and so as to not rip the guy's story off I'll give you a bit of description and you can click the link to the longer story he wrote himself. The web page is part of the church's site which has more very bizarre photos of the 1985 sighting of the Virgin Mary (it almost looks like ectoplasm in a few photos) , as well as clips and a ton of info. It's been up since 2000, so I assume it's not going anywhere and he tells a beautiful story. The site also has video clips to download showing the phenomenon, and news reports.

The short version is that doves of light, a cross of light and flashes were seen in the air over St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral , Assiut, Egypt.

".....As for the Doves, I could see them in many forms in addition to that I just described, a flock of doves of 2, 3, 7, 8, 12 or more doves fly above the church, between towers, or between towers and the dome, between the Church and the nearby St. Abadeer Church, or above the collections of people. They fly on different levels either low or high, they don't flap their wings. What is more astonishing is that the chest of each dove is luminous like a lamp. They fly for a while then disappear while still within my visual field. Some watched a big dove like a duck flying above the Church but I didn't see that dove. Flying doves continued with the bursts of light for a couple of hours then lights only continued for the rest of the night till the dawn. There was also a light that went across the sky and was in the shape of a cross. If you draw your eyes away from the church to explore the surroundings, you will find thousands of people over hundreds of roofs or hanged by hundreds of windows, praying, toning hymns, applauding. All houses are opened for visitors. Residents there live in a maintained festival, the word "sleeping" is unknown in the whole area since Aug.17. No single accident was reported".

Dozens of photos which were taken by an eye witness can be found here (will open up in new window so you won't leave the site).

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