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The Last Supper

The masterpiece "The Last Supper" contains a few anomalies which some have said Leonardo put into the painting as a personal comment of his thoughts on the church. One of the most interesting in this painting is the most obvious one, yet if you mention it to most people, even those who are very familiar with this painting, they will say it's not there. It's right in plain sight but it's rarely seen.

Between the third and fourth guys seated on the left, you can see a hand, belonging to no one at the table, holding a knife in a threatening manner. The guy to the left of the knife seem to notice it suddenly and has his hands up as if to ward off the attack he thinks is coming (you can tell I'm not Catholic, huh? I'm calling the Disciples "this guy" and "the guy"?) If you count carefully you can see all hands belonging to nearby guests are visible and accounted for. Someone wrote to me and said it's the hand of ...The guy... (see?) who is standing up, just held backwards, ready to cut bread at the table. If you look you'll see that hand is on the shoulder of the person who isn't supposed to be Mary Magdalene. He's wearing blue; the hand has a brown sleeve. His right arm can be plainly seen, crooked, and his hand falls behind the one with the knife. Who does this hand belong to? No one at the table. Why is it there? Some speculated that da Vinci was very jaded and disagreed with the Church's translation of Religion, so put in his little digs. Some say it's just artistic license, because the painting reflects the exact moment at the Last Supper when Jesus announced that someone at the table would betray him. So, the hand-and-knife is just "the threat", visualized.

I say "not supposed to be Mary Magdalene" because I had a paragraph about all that here, before I updated this page. I read quite a bit about that "person" seated next to Jesus possibly being a woman. I read it way back in high school, and we're talking way back. But since Dan Brown and his tediously long "Da Vinci Code" came out, jammed full of misinformation, outright lies and wrong history, the whole "Mary Was There" thing has turned into a trendy debate full of Dan Brown's misinformation. I'm staying out of it :) Just to correct one of Brown's stupid "he could have looked it up" facts mentioned in his book - the Last Supper is not a fresco.

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