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Crying Statue
In July 1973, in the Japanese town of Akita, Sister Agnes Sasagawa was praying in her convent room.

She heard a voice which she thought was coming from a wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin housed in the chapel. She told others there, who also witnessed this. The statue seemed to be bathed in a brilliant light whenever the voice spoke. The interesting part is that Sister Agnes was deaf, yet she heard the voice clearly.

After Mary's initial appearances, the wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin began to emit a clear fluid from the eyes that looked like tears. The statue reportedly "cried" one hundred and one different times, once before a Japanese TV crew who were reporting on the events occurring at Akita. A few of the tears that fell from the statue were sent to a local laboratory by one of the parish priests. He did not identify the source of the fluid but simply requested a chemical analysis. The laboratory found that the fluid that they examined was identical in composition to human tears. This is the statue.

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