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, Did you know there's an estimated 60,000 'official' relligions on Earth?

. Did you ever read about the lives of the Saints? Some were nuts. Self-flaggelation, self-deprivation to the point of death, fits . and visions, bizarre, violent, schizophrenic lives they claimed were dictated by Divine Will. Every word of babble and . . . . . . . damnation out of their mouths was taken as pure instruction everyone believed, on faith, no questions asked. Nowadays . . . . they . call that "mental illness". People will look at you in awe if you tell them you saw an angel but they'll tell you you're ..crazy if you . say you saw a ghost. Why is that? You tell someone you're going to Lourdes to dip your hand in a spring to ..see if God will . cure your arthritis and people will take up a collection for you to get there. You tell them you're going to ..Wyoming to sit in a cave full of natural radon gas because you heard that's healed people too, and they'll ask you why the ..hell you believe that crap.

. Perhaps it's the faith of the Faithful that inspires things. There's plenty out there that I respect as divine, some things I think . . are somewhat interesting from an anomalous view and of course things that are so strange that I wonder what the hell . . . . ..people are thinking. You'd think the Supreme Being would have a better PR venue than to appear on a burnt muffin in ..Texas?

Jesus in a frying pan
The Chicago Holy Virgin salt stain
The Virgin Mary on a window in Brazil
Microscopic code in Our Lady of Guadalupe's eyes?
St. Bernadette's body
The real tears of a statue
A religious fish
The Blessed Virgin sightings, Egypt 1968
Doves of light, St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, 2000
A tree bows to Allah
The mysterious Last Supper knife
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