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The Ptah Alien

Good news, bad news. Which do you want first? Bad? OK. The bad new is when someone writes to oh, say 5 "experts" online who wax eloquent about their knowledge on subjects and make a living out of knowing everything there is to know about something, and you write them asking very nicely and intelligently for some information, but you never hear from them. Or you hear from one who says, "I don't know, I never saw it" and you're talking about the very thing they're making a living off of. The good news is there are a lot of smart people out there in the great Ether that is the Internet and and they write to me. Screw the experts :)

This little story comes to you from a major book and a person who is a major "anomaly" hunter and presents this as Proof. I'm too embarrassed for them to put their name here. These photos are out of the book. It was discovered that there is an alien grey in an Egyptian hieroglyph, being hidden from the public. There was proof.

This photo was taken in the tomb of Egyptian philosopher Ptah-Hotep, who had a very cool beard, at Saqqara, Egypt. It dates back to the 5th Dynasty. The picture shows servants offering food to Ptah-Hotep (who is at a table to the left of this part of the picture). Ptah-hotep served during the reign of Izezi (2388 till 2356 BC) as an oracle and advisor His maxims are in the Prisse Papyrus, housed in the Louvre.

As it turns out, someone Out There cleared it up for me. I got a nice photo of the wall section and was told the Grey Alien is actually a vase. Which means there's another person on my list of Anomaly "experts" who BS and lie because it sells books.

I forgot who sent this as it was ages ago... thanks!!

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