The Olmec are thought to have been the first "civilized"
people of South America, dated to around 1400 B.C. One of
the mysteries they left us are 16 giant carved heads wearing
helmets. All are carved from a single piece of granite and are
as tall as 6'5" ( 2.5 m) and weigh more than 20 tonnes. Many
more have been found scattered across the continent, half
done and left as is. The faces are clearly African in their
features. Yet historians tell us that Africans didn't come to the
Americas until the time of Columbus. Stranger still are gods
mentioned in Mexican legends which speak of tall white men
with beards - the god Quetzalcoatl was one in his human form,
said to be tall, white with blonde hair and beard. Numerous
'white' people's likenesses have been unearthed in some of
the oldest sites in Mexico , sometimes right beside the African
heads. Some of the sites date back to 1000 B.C.

In 1996 and 1997 discovery of Caucasian bones more than
9000 years old were found in several western U.S. states and
as far east as Minnesota. A partially mummified Caucasoid
man was unearthed in Kenniwick, Washington and dated to
9300 A.D. This adds to the 'new facts' that the peopling of the
Americas isn't what we once thought.