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Taken any odd pics? Send them in..I'd love 'em!
A Weird Vampire Squid
A woman with 14.5" waist
Bill Watson's amazing sky animal photos
The spirits of fireman leave a fire sent in by Lee
 Obligatory Elephantiasis of the Nuts pic- sent by Denise
Man with half a face (warning, graphic)
A Vibrator in an uncomfortable place
New spider with Googly Eyes
The World's First photograph
Just another day in Wisconsin sent by JBSloop
One of the main causes of Morning Breath
The Chinese ET Launch Tower
The Window Ghost Pigeon sent by Chris Henshaw
Angel of the Lake Ghost sent by Eric Dion
Another Shadow Person photo? sent in by D.Dale
An Alien Bug sent in by Phil Marie, Sr
Alien Bug Replies
Debris from plane that (supposedly didn't) hit Pentagon
Proof there is a God, # 428



Naughty Beans from Kellee
Rock Simulacra from Joey
Odd Books
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AOL F/16blonde cheerleader 6x9x4xU
Warm Wet Pussy
How to Relax 101 by Julia's cat
One hideous damn puppet sent by Richard
€urodick sent by Miriam
Celebrity Irony Files # 698 sent by David K
When cats use AOL sent by Dave G.
Rare photo of a Wisconsin Tan sent by JBSloop
Fire spirits sent by Joe
I hate you and want you to die
Biker Ken - "hip" fun for little girls
Brandy - A tongue with a dog attached
More Bird Window Splats - from Bob
Two hunks of Burnin' Elvis Love
World Record Grizzly Bear from A4SQ
A Vulgar Tomato from Katchaya
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