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The Hitler action figure
Anne Frank's Diary
Snoopy, the 3-legged police dog
The World's longest ear hair
The strange moving rocks of Death Valley, CA
The bound feet of Chinese women
A rare, stunning Blonde
A car powered by hamsters
Sculptures as big as this dot .
Britney Spears' boobs - a pictorial history
Bizarre tube clouds - by Louella Blackwell)
When puppies go bad
Got $5,000 for a tropical fish?
Jellyfish in the sky - a very strange story
A bizarre new squid discovered
Mouth of an incomplete twin removed from girl's stomach
Rare pic of moon eclipsing Saturn - by Doug Murray
Bizarre 'sky snake' caught on film
The Sullivans - part of the story behind "Saving Private Ryan"




Catman - disfigurement for the Mentally Ill
Weird anomaly in the Colorado sky
Another strange face on Mars
Atom bomb blast at 1/100,000,000 of a second
Sundogs and trails in the sky
Simulacra - a rock with two faces - from Phil Marie, Sr.
Michael Jackson's poor damn face - a pictorial history
Severe Eyelid Edema......((warning: graphic))
A strange spilt cloud
A penny with a drawer carved into it
A photo of Anne Frank's diary
A German soldier who lived with half a face
Ed Gein's kitchen - at the time of his arrest
The iceberg that sunk the Titanic
An alien abductor waves goodbye
Rare sun shadow from launch plume
Piercings for the Mentally Ill
Skeleton of a hunchback
Lingerie for the Mentally Ill
The last photo taken of Marilyn Monroe, alive



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Monkey, hominid or hoax?- a forgotten story
Photo of a sonic boom
The still unexplained picnic alien
Photo of a shadow person?
Plastic surgery for the Mentally Ill
The gay doll that really upset poor UPS
The World's smallest lizard - discovered 12/01
One Big Damn Rabbit
Baywatch's Yasmin Bleeth drug bust photo
The Lord's Prayer on the head of a pin
Strange rays coming out of Mt. Shasta cave
Statue of Liberty in the eye of a needle
Alien face on an unplugged TV sent by Mike
Strange anomalies in a crop circle photo
An underground cave being ?
Jesus in the clouds - from Tish
Pamela Anderson's Sideshow implants
UFOs caught on film at World Trade Center, 9-11
Dog adopts piglets ... awwwww

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