Picture a nice family sitting down to dinner, the two kids squirming in their seats waiting for the food, the dog padding around seeing the McDonald's bags and, having to pretend he can't read, decides instead to drool all over the linoleum until someone gives him a scrap. Then out of the box of wings comes


AAARRhhhhh! Peck peck peck! AAAAAIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Cluck chuckle cluck!

He/she/it attacks and leaves the once happy and typical family scene spattered with blood and gore. Police are at a loss for an answer. The FBI is called in. Rewards are offered. Jesse Jackson gets his mug all over TV by somehow saying this was a racist act. Geraldo Rivera claims to have recieved a letter from the UniChicken saying there will be more of this...OH MUCH MORE .. unless Taco Bell stops taking the same 6 ingredients, slapping them on a taco shell in a different order and saying it's a 'new' product.

Well, ok, I'm just fabricating here. It's all accurate until the Death, Gore and Mayhem part, even the bit about the dog being able to read. That part about Taco Bell is totally true. And I don't know how the chickenhead would escape because it doesn't have legs to walk with or wings so I dunno....guess the dog ate it.

Kathy Ortega of Newport News, Virginia pulled this McChickenhead out of a box of wings she bought for the kids in Nov 2000.

After making grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner (ya think?!) she called the manager of the Micky D's where the McPart was purchased and they generously offered to give her a refund. She told them "Cluck you" and says she might sue (of course) because she was unable to sleep that night (delicate little flower, ain't she?).

An anthropologist helpfully pointed out that in some parts of the world, chicken heads are a delicacy. As I used to say as a kid when told about the starving kids in <name a country>,,,fine, then mail it to them.

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