American doll-maker Mike Fosella has sparked controversy by unveiling a line
of Nazi Action figurines. So far Adolf Hitler and Joseph Mengele, the concentration camp doctor dolls have been produced. Fosella plans further figures of Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler and propagandist Joseph

Ken Jacobson, director of the American Anti-Defamation League, told the New York Daily News: "The people who are most interested in these things are probably the ones with sinister intention. The collectors' items are said to be accurate to the smallest detail, with resin cast heads and plastic bodies with enough pivot points to allow them to give Nazi-style salutes.

The entrepreneur came under fire for his foot-high dolls which were unveiled
at New York's toy fair in 2001.

Joyce Mike, president of the Academy of American Doll Artists, said:
"I think overall, what he's doing is gratuitous sensationalism."
(Ya think?!)

Fosella, of Pound Ridge, near New York, said he was only making 50 figures
of each leading Nazi, as well as a model SS officer with a reproduction
uniform. "To me, it's an art form. They don't glorify Hitler or Nazis. If I were
mass marketing them at the toy store, that would be another story."
The Hitler doll was modeled on a picture of the Nazi leader leaving
Landsburg prison in Munich. The doll is shown holding a copy of Mein
Kampf, the book he wrote while in prison, emblazoned with a swastika

No word on if the "accurate" doll only has one testicle.