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Yes! Sports are getting more violent

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Allow me to run some incidents by you, off the top of my head:

1977 - Up and coming basketball wonderkid Kermit Washington punches Rudy Tomjanovich and shatters his whole face. Tomjanovich suffered fractures of the face and skull, a broken nose, a separated upper jaw. He was leaking spinal fluid into his nose. Doctors said it was eqivalent to hitting a windshield at 50 mph.

1985 - Lawrence Taylor tackles Joe Theissman in a not-nice way, snapping his leg in two in a horrifying scene we have to see over and over and over and over in slo-mo, technicolor, replayed until everyone in the US throws up watching the bone shoot out his leg.

1994 - 49ers linebacker Ken Norton Jr. tackled Napolean McCallum. McCallum dislocated his knee, tore three ligaments, ripped his calf and hamstring muscles from the bone, and had severe nerve and artery damage.

1998 - Boxer Mike Tyson, who is a sick **** and who was serious about wanting a piece of Evander Holyfield, bites a big chunk out of of Holyfield's ear during a fight.

2004 - Indiana Pacer guard Ron Artest, another serious kook, jumps into the stands to beat the hell out of a fan he thought threw some ice at him as he lay prone on the scorer's table, for some reason only Ron knows.

And don't forget Ben Christensen of Wichita State. He threw a pitch at batter Anthony Molina, who was twenty four feet from home plate, getting ready to walk up to the plate to bat. His coach, Jim Brownlee, said, "After Christensen's fifth warmup pitch, his catcher calls for a slider, and Christensen makes a quarter-turn to his left. I'm thinking, `What's he doing?' Anthony had his head down, and I'm seeing Christensen turn toward him, and, damn, he lets it go. Then Anthony's head comes up. The ball gets him square in the face. He never saw it. "Twenty three stitches, his left eye socket fractured -- his doctor said it was as if he'd been hit by a sledgehammer. He was left legally blind."

Now we have penis biting. I admit, this has to take some considerable skill, and possibly a lot of time/spatial training I really dont want to think about. Ever bob for apples? Tricky stuff! Do these guys bob for kielbasa in preparation for this defensive manuver? Do they get paid extra? Do you get fined if you refuse to do it?

My doctor sent me this photo after telling me, in his office, that when he saw it he thought it'd be great for my site. No, I'm not kidding. He's not only a good doctor, he's a bit warped, which is terrific.

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