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Anomaly of Life #4,766, solved from Joost
Have you ever looked at a backyard bird watcher's catalog and noticed the great lengths that have gone into designing "squirrel proof" bird feeders? It's mind boggling. Those who have feeders spend a lot of time and ingenuity inventing contraptions to keep the little buggers off, usually with little success. My dad has a tree that looks like a Dali sculpture for all the boards, hanging Thingies, nailed on outcroppings, layers of slippery plastic sheeting; all to protect one small plastic bird feeder from squirrels. Who hasn't slammed on their brakes to avoid hitting one that ran halfway out into the road, stopped dead, faked this huge angst about where to go next, then ran back ,possibly flipping you off as they duck into the grass, laughing like hell as you try to get your heart out of your throat? They do this on purpose, don't kid yourself. Joost sent me this picture, and it seems the answer has been found. Put a little Kryptonite in your birdseed and your problem will be solved.
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