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Danish 'artist' Marco Evaristti spray painted an iceberg red. It's "art", you see. You don't? Me, either.

Marco and minions took two icebreakers from Ilullissat, Greenland, looked for 30 minutes to find the perfect iceberg, then sprayed it red using 780 gallons of the type of dye used to color meat.

''We all have a need to decorate Mother Nature because it belongs to all us,'' Marco said. ''This is my iceberg; it belongs to me.'' Yeah, whatever. Some would call it "polluting".

Evaristti, who was born in Chile, sadly got attention for another work of "art", shown in a Danish gallery in 2000. He filled 10 blenders with water and live goldfish, then invited guests to turn them on and chop up the live fish. Of course some idiot did. Don't see that as "art"? Me, either. The gallery director was tried on charges of animal cruelty, but acquitted. It doesn't sound like Mr. Evaristti gets tried on any charges, like polluting a pristine ecosystem, or not being a very creative "artist".

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