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Maxie and Pal
My good friend Gpuppy (not her real name...) sent me this picture of her cat. I wrote back and said, "Wait...why is there a baby bird on her? Why isn't she ripping the thing into spaghetti?" Pup said well, she's just too old to care. Which, in a way, is the beauty of old age, period. I'm always hearing how laid back and "cool" people's grandparents are while their parents are most certainly not. Grandparents will say hey, I've been through it all already, all you kids. Been there, done that. Then I thought why is this baby bird thinking a cat is a good place to sit? Obvious answer - it's too young to care. Which is the annoying thing about some youth, period. Which just verifies for me that those of us in "middle" age are either the cat or the bird, the fire hydrant or the dog, the bug or the windshield. We just have to wait to get older so we get this easy going about things.
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