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The Dirty Secret of the Land O' Lakes Maiden

I'm stooping to a moment of immaturity here, and I beg your entire pardon. I am finally going to show some Female Breasts on this site.

I was listening to that "used to be fun and anomalous", late night radio show that is now all doom, gloom, we're-all-going-to-die-any-minute-now, We're In Bad SHape BS, very disappointed that I have to endure nonstop political/war news read to me and hear the same 5 guests, so negative and full of mis/disinformation, it's ridiculous. I tune in for escapism, or to learn, or be entertained, not hear the same depressing crap I hear all day as it is. I gave up sending emails to them, suggesting they lighten the hell up and find some intelligent guests out of the zillions of interesting people out there. Anyway....recently they were talking about how you can fold a $20 bill to look like the Twin Towers burning, then how we're all going to die soon, so I turned it off (Enough already, George. : x)

I'm thinking "folding stuff to look like stuff" and I remember teh Land O' Lakes chick. I am continually surprized that not many have heard about it; I learned this in grammar school and feel it's my duty to bring this skill to light, as a public service. For those of you who don't live in the US and are deprived of this butter, it's pretty much "the" trusted, brand name butter that has been around since time began. What I'm doing here is pure sacrilege, like someone trashing Mickey Mouse. Not that anyone would do that, mind you. Did you know the Land O' Lakes butter maiden is really a naughty, brazen tease? It's my pleasure to present you with the "how to see the tits on the Land O' lake butter maiden" trick. <curtsey>

1} Get yourself a box of Land O' Lakes butter and cut off a panel

2} With a razor, cut the sides and bottom of the box the Maiden holds, so it makes a flap that will swing up

3}Further cut the bottom of the box so the edge is just below her knees. Then carefully fold the bottom up once, so the knees are at the bottom of the "window", then fold it up once more so the knees are in the window --->

4} Then ask someone if they've ever seen the breasts
on the Land O' Lakes butter Maiden. They will
look at you like you've lost your mind

5} Hand them the card
and tell them to open the window...

You can play around with it (not literally) to get the best "look". I again apologize for this moment of immaturity but when I remember how this makes people laugh, and the look on their faces when they figure out what the breasts really are, that they're gawping at, it's worth it
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