Not that there's anything WRONG with it...

Kellee writes:

"The attached picture is one I took of a can of green beans my mother bought. I don't consider myself to be a perverted person, but this picture made me laugh out loud. You'd think that the people who drew this would have actually looked at it before slapping it on a can of beans, but apparently not. Or maybe they did but thought nobody would notice how happy their little bean-buddies are. Anyway, I don't know if you want to put pictures of stuff like this up, but I just thought I'd share this one with somebody. It might as well be you."

Ah. I can just see the personal ad now. "Cut, bottom beans looking for playful hook up for discount forking"

Ok, I better shut up. This is just precious. I can see the Email now, "Doode - I saw that can of beans pic and uh.....huh?" All I can say is them's some happy-ass slapping, back door. One of my hobbies is looking for subliminal stuff in ads, and this isn't too subliminal. Thanks Kellee! I like how you think :)


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