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When modeling breaks your heart

By now, I'm sure you've realized I have a warped sense of humor. I can find nothing to blame it on. I didn't get dropped on my head as a baby, never ate lead-based paint, my father wouldn't smile if the Pope ordered him to and mom yells at me if I tell a joke with the word "penis" or "damn" in it. I can, however, make my sister laugh so hard she goes into hysterics, once even making her throw up during a holiday dinner from laughing so hard. I'm proud of this.

That mentioned, I saw this photo in National Geographic"Greatest Portraits". Flying fish, Catalina Island, CA 1943. What I thought was - did the model sit up all night before the shoot, lamenting to her girl friends on how she'd waited for ever for a modeling job, and only she would end up with one holding a damn fish? Did she dream of being a Sears model? Did her agent call her with the "I have some good news, and some bad news..." line? Was she sitting there smiling and thinking, "I can't believe I'm ***ing holding a fish. Two hours in make up for this. If he pees on my jacket I swear I'll throw the thing on the sidewalk, I don't need this"? A friend assures me she was the wife of some scientist working at the Fish Study Place and since she was cute, they just asked her to come on in early the next day and help out. I laughed right out loud at this. No, my naive little fluffy bunny, you don't know about the dark side of ichthyology. I bet they had to pay her extra to put all four fingers on the thing. This is the stuff that bothers me, because I'll most likely never have the answers. Except, we're told, back in the 1930's everyone was happy and well adjusted and clean, so maybe the fish were nicer, too.

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