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Fire Demons from Alan

Alan writes: "Attached is a pic of a fire. If you look close at the topmost flame you can see a face leering back at you. I took this pic in 2001 while helping a friend clean up from an ice storm. We were burning brush and hanging out with a guy that seemed like he had made a deal with the devil. I didn't notice the face until my friend asked to see the pic again. He told me that he saw the face before then but it had scared him too much to talk about it. These two guys were in a wreck together not long after the pic was taken. The "Deal with the Devil guy" walked away with minor injuries my friend had to have his left leg and jaw rebuilt."

I see a lot going on in that fire, Alan - a long skull face on the right, the beady-eyed insect thing in the middle, a very strange muscled ogre standing in there, too...the snake head on top, the profile of a guy with a beard and fiery hair on the left. I think I would have taken all this as a sign from the gods that they wanted me to stop cleaning up the yard and go shoot some pool.

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