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If you make a face, it'll stick that way...

I was just on a roll with this National Geographic book here.

This isn't a lobster; it's a crawfish. Crawfish are the same thing as "crayfish", for those of you who may not know. Which I didn't know, because I've only encountered them as bait when fishing for walleye or muskie. My opinion is they should stay bait. Some people really love to eat them, though personally?.... there isn't enough alcohol in Chicago to get me to try one.

This big boy is seven pounds, caught in Louisiana in 1942. Going by "regular" crawfish size, this thing is huge beyond belief. I have no idea what a crawfish are, technically, but they're disgusting scavenger little creepy things and will eat any crap on the bottom of any body of water it inhabits. They have pincher thingie-hands that pinch like you have no idea. They're slimy.

So, (I warned you before about this....) I see the photo and that is one cool crawfish, a living Rorschach test. What cracked me up was the face on the guy holding it. So damn serious. Like he's holding a dead crawfish mass murderer that escaped from the local jail, and dang it, they had to kill it. It's barely cold! Or warm, of whatever the hell crawfish do. It really reminded me of those "owners who look like their pets" contest photos, so I had to laugh.

I realize that maybe I was too hard on the Flying Fish girl mentioned a page before this one; mocking her for having to brightly smile while holding a dead, slimy fish in the photo. If you're out there, I apologize. At least you made flying fish fun while this guy here seems to think it's tragic, serious business.

My curiosity will kill me. What do crawfish taste like? If you write me and say "chicken" I'll hunt you down, I swear it :)

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