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Perhaps it's an inside joke...

Bob sent this in with the very diplomatic comment that perhaps this is a new trend in bridal gowns that we missed a meeting about.

I showed the photo to the people who available after I opened it. The comments were:

Male, 29 years old - "WTF?"
Female, 64: "Oh my. I'd be so embarrassed if my daughter was married in that! Maybe she's a belly dancer? That's terrible!"
Female, age 17: "Not tooooo slutty. I thought getting married was supposed to be a solemn, respectful occasion. Not a sideshow."
Male, 37: "Getting married and having it be "her" day wasn't enough attention for her, I see...."
Female, 44: "How did a dork like him get a girl like that? Can I make the usual, rude jokes and make my guesses?"
Male, 39: "I bet that's all anyone will talk about. Not how nice the wedding was, not how well or not well the couple gets along. It'll all be about that dress and how they had to sit in a church, with her half naked."

I'm not saying a thing. Perhaps the young lady is out there and will grace us with the story of how she decided on that dress and far be it for me to have an opinion until I get the facts. :)

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