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A Sky Thing

This one is from Jon, who was taking taking photos of the chemtrail soup being sprayed over his house. He noticed this diamond-shaped Thing moving through the air, the only solid bit of cloud in the sky. Jon at first thought it was a big puff of smoke (the green circle is a lens flare.) Jon says the "thing" was low and never changed shape as it drifted towards him from quite a distance away. To his surprise, it stopped right above him and "hung" for about a minute. "To say I got a bit freaked out is an understatement," says Jon. When it started to move again it continued up as if it was backing off "at a slow but steady pace" until it was lost p in the muck that was milky chemspray sky. Jon wonders if It' saw him watching it, so floated down for a closer look and then went on It's way. Jon also mentioned that he was "unnerved to see a smiley face on the thing" when he downloaded the photo.

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