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The first yeti print

This photo was taken in 1951 by explorers Eric Shipton and Michael Ward in the Himalayas. It offered the first "proof" of the huge creatures that were said to live there.

Shipton and Ward were part of the Everest Reconnaissance Expedition which was out evaluating routes for an attempt to get to Everest's summit, which had yet to be conquered. At 18,000 feet, they came across fresh tracks which they followed for almost a mile. Shipton told the Times of London, "the tracks were mostly distorted by melting into oval impressions, slightly longer and a good deal broader than those made by our mountain boots. But here and there where the snow covering the ice was thin we came upon a well-preserved impressions of the creature's foot. It showed three broad "toes" and a broad "thumb" to the side. The clearest impressions measured 13 x 8 inches. (33cm x 20.32cm).

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