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When the Smoke and Mirrors fail

pic from Dave K

Michael Jackson's TV Special 2002
pic from Sandra

Whitney Houston has one of the most amazing voices out there and is also an incredibly beautiful woman. Then her cocaine habit got the best of her. She was so skeletal and wrecked at Mike Jackson's 30th Anniversary TV Special, the live camera gurus had to digitally fill her out and put meat on protruding collarbones. She got beaten up by her drug dealer for owing a ton of money. Family is 'concerned'. The best part is MJ Himself offered to help Whitney overcome her addiction, Mike being a shining example of a well-adusted person, you see. And never mind he's had addiction issues himself. Am I the only one who's sick to death of these pampered, obscenely rich celebrities whining about their pressures, too-busy schedules, the horror of being rich, break downs, and tough lives? I'm stumped by the fact that they spent all their time and energy to be famous, then want sympathy from us when they self-destruct because of their "fame". Try getting up and going to work every day like the rest of us, hoping for some OT to pay off a bill or two. No one is making them. How much money does someone need? Just Say No to indulging your flaws, sez me.

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