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Where the Expression "hung like a tomato" comes from

Perhaps there was Viagara in the water. Maybe it was trying to do a Richard Nixon imitation but didn't get started soon enough.

I laughed when I saw this because a woman sent it in, and I thought that she had to have her mind in the gutter like I do most of the time. If my Mom had found this? She would have gone, "Oh for God's sake..." and quietly put it in the garbage can, hoping none of the neighbors had seen it and thought she personally had something to do with such obscene goings-on.

Someone sent me a photo of a green pepper that looked like uh...."a Female organ" but I didn't put it up because..well...it really looked like it. A LOT and hey! I have kids who look at this site, I can't have any of that. (I hope I sounded morally indignant there; that's about the best I can muster). I should have asked Kat if she's single...maybe the Pepper guy and she are Fated to be an ideal couple, since they both grow obscene veggies.

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