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This isn't a trick photo.

This is my pal Spook. She has a 14.5 inch waist (37cm). She's into corsets and "corset training". Why, you ask? Some collect Beanie babies, some people live for football. Spook likes corsets and hopes to someday be a Fetish Model.

Corset training is a type of art form to some, and there are shops that make them special and clubs where you can show them and your figure off. The average waist size for the average American woman is 29 inches, by the way.

Spook is real nice, so if you want to go look at her site or
write to her, she's ~<Here>~ . She's happy to talk about it to all who are interested in the educational sense. Don't write if you're a pervert because as you can tell from her photo, she doesn't put up with much crap from people.

Which is why I like her. :)

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