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Another shadow person?

D.D. Anderson

This is from Dale who lives in a very big US city:

"First let me tell you I'm a cop. Tough guy, right? :-)"

"I was taking photos of an outdoor rock waterfall-pond my brother has built in his back yard. The shell of the pond is made of 'concrete rock' that's been "stucco"-ed over a chicken wire frame. It's pretty big and since my brother pays through the nose for water out where he is I thought it was kind of silly. But I went out for the weekend to help him anyway. :-) . I never liked his backyard as it gives me the creeps. His place is out in the sticks adjacent to a big, dark expanse of forest and there's just too much "wild and open" for this city boy. It gets way too black out there at night."

"We turned on the water to check for leaks and make sure some trees he planted would stay put. After about 10 minutes, his dog (Doberman) started barking like crazy and jumping against his chain, dragging a heavy cast-iron chair across the gravel driveway to get to where we were. My brother joked that he wanted to go swimming. His dog is a security trained dog so he isn't the type to act up for 'nothing'."

"No matter how many times he told Sebastian to shut up, he wouldn't. I can't explain it but all of a sudden we both felt SO uncomfortable and ....I hate to say "scared" because it makes us sound like morons! Have you ever had that feeling like you're being watched? But it was a terrifying feeling; I actually felt like someone threw ice water on me and felt like RUNNING. (My brother told me later he felt like someone was standing in back of him and almost *** his pants). We both looked at each other and said, in calm manly voices, "this is creepy, let's go in and let this fill up". Once we were inside the dog sat at the patio window, just staring for about an hour. No matter how many times my brother called him, he wouldn't come and sit by him."

"Well, while we sat I downloaded photos I took with my digital camera. He's got some program where you can virtually landscape things and move 'trees', 'bushes' and design how it would look ...and this showed up on one of them. We never did do anything else until the next day because neither of us wanted to go back outside in the dark. Other than this I have never EVER had anything strange happen to me and usually don't by into all this "weird" stuff.....until now."

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