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Strange Radar Bugs

I got my fascination for weather from my Grandpa, and I'm addicted to Weatherbug. When a friend of mine in Oklahoma had to go to her basement due to a tornado, she took her laptop and talked to me, terrified. I sent her live radar photos of the cell moving right over her house just about, and kept her updated. She told me she could hear it outside and windows breaking in the house above her. NEAT! Well it was!

One day in May a friend called and after the obligatory, 15 minute "Don't think I'm nuts....", she told me she swears she saw a UFO fly over Lake Michigan. And it's strange, but there's a round cloud out there but nothing else, so she's spooked. She lives right on the shore, 15th floor of a high-rise building. She was looking at this weird cloud when this thing, a silver ball (Oh, one of those! I told her...) just went zoom! right by the window, out over the water. It was so fast she didn't register that it went by until it was long gone. It took her a minute to digest that she really saw what she saw, but she's 15 stories up, what could it be? It was about the size of a "FedEx drop box, if it was rounded out." Are you drinking? I asked her. You're not as funny as you think you are, she replied, I'm freaked out about this! What the hell was that?!

After the call, I was checking the weather to see what her One Cloud might be and noticed these on the Weatherbug radar. Right where my friend lives. They were the only clouds in the whole area. In formation, too. This could be nothing, but it was an anomaly that caught my eye and the timing IS interesting. What do you think?

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