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Life is good when you have a built-in Wubby Blanket

Even if you don't like cats, you have to admit they have "relaxing" down to a science. This is Kittim Manoah who lives in South Africa with his mom, Julia. Julia sent me pics or her critters and when I saw this I thought MAN would I like to be taking a nap right now and be that cozy! They all do this! No fair! What I like best about that is that it never dawns on them that they look silly as hell. That whole 'self-possessed in control' cat image they try so hard to cultivate during waking hours goes right out the window when they sleep like this. This is not at all dignified. A tip: it's always good o get photos of these moments so when you get a $400 phone bill to 1-900-RAD PUSSY and they say "Oh! My Bad! I though t it was a fashion chat tips hotline", you can haul out these photos and say, "If you don't knock it off I'll post these on the internet so fast it'll make your tail spin". You know how mortified they get when they do something stupid. My favorite is when they try to jump on a table or something, miss, flip on their asses to the floor, then walk away slowly, giving you a "rot in hell" look as if they totally intended to do excatly what they did and what is your problem?

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