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Ghost of a fire Fighter?

Lee writes:

"Here is a news photo taken in Worcester, Mass. at a fire that killed 6 firemen at a cold storage warehouse on December 3, 1999. This photo was taken around the time the lives of these 6 were lost and it hit us
hard here.

This was just another day on the job.. Anyway, the photo amazingly looks like a fireman with a helmet watching over them."

Thanks for sharing this Lee! I'm so sorry for the losses. I worship fire fighters and if not for the guys at Chicago Engine Co.106, Truck 13, I wouldn't be here now, pursuing my career as a Smart Ass.

One of the anomalies of life is that movie actors, sports figures and music stars make zillion$ a year while the people who risk their lives for us scrape by and have to fight for a contracts so they can make enough money to live on.

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