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Some would say it's just coincidence...

photo © Eric Dion

What a sad/sweet story.

Eric writes: "Here is one for you. I took this picture at a small lake that was a special refuge for me when I lived in Palatine, Illinois. The story behind that lake is that one winter in the late seventies, two children were playing on the ice and fell in. There was a teenager who spent a lot of time at the park and played with the children. He saw them fall in and was heroically able to rescue them. Sadly, however, he himself drowned in the effort. It is a heartbreaking story, but I know that that young man has a place in heaven where he is honored for his self sacrifice and courage. I took this photograph in 1999, while sitting in a small willow tree during the sunset. I was shocked once I had gotten the picture back to see what really looks like the spirit of that hero, Joseph Lindberg.

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