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But in the US, we can fold a $20 to show the twin towers burning...

Now here's a woman with a sense of humor! This was sent in by Miriam who, I am insanely jealous to point out, lives in beautiful Mallorca, Spain. She wanted to mention the little item that can be seen on the new Euro coin. I'm assuming this EuroDick is supposed to be Sweden and Finland, Norway somehow being removed off the face of the Earth by earthquake or another NASA satellite gone awry.

A few have written to tell me Norway's not part of the Euro thing, so they got left off. However when someone at the engraving Dept. noticed that made a DICK and BALLS, one would think they'd find something - even a faint dotted line - to show the countries not on the Euro? Don't kid yourself - they knew what it looked like when they did the drawing and engraving of these coins. They thought it was damn funny, and probably giggled like school girls the whole time they were planning the minting process. I even bet they desperately looked for some islands that could be made to look like breasts, or a thumb and index finger curved to make a loop, in front of the Penis. I bet they hoped this will start a global discussion on whose continental penis is bigger... Florida's or Sweden's?

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