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"Does this outfit make my nuts look fat?"

Hold yourselves back, Ladies (and you Special guys..). I know this studly muffin just makes you gasp with lust. Be still my beating heart!

Actually, I wondered how long it took for him to even out his balls, but then my brain doesn't work like normal people. Or does it? Where's his dick? (I never have had the chance to ask a guy where the hell they do put that thing in these type of situations). Is the guy in back OK or did this lead to some minor heart attack? Wanna bet this moron has a personal ad up on Love@aol? Or maybe I'm being too harsh and he moonlights, impersonating Celebrity Scrotums?

This photo just chilled me to the bones. Because if I went to a party and there were oh....60 guys there? This is the one of the bunch who would fall madly in love with me, bother me all night, ask for my number, annoy me with questions, stare at my chest as he talks to me and not my face, make veiled sexual remarks of the 8th grade nature and insist on walking me to my car when I left. Thank God for pepper spray! If this outfit doesn't scream "Kick me in the balls" then I just don't know what does. Some people just have no shame, iz what. This is almost an arrestable offense for Public Ugliness and I have, Lo These Many Years, been all for a bill of that type being passed as law.

Ok..you can close your mouth now. The next time you think you look bad in shorts, think again.
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