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At least he has a place to sit...

I'll say the same thing I say when ever I see a photo of someone in this shape: At what point didn't they realize there was a problem? Would walking around with nuts the size of a softball be not a problem? Is grapefruit size OK? When they're bigger than your head, do you at all say to yourself you know, I ought to have this looked at? Do you figure it'll be better tomorrow? No one notices? This guy's mom or wife or best buddy doesn't say I hate to bring this up but I'm wondering if there's something wrong with your balls? I guess it's understandable. Think of all the times you saw someone in a horrible toupee. There have been times I've seen older men dressed up like circus clowns and wondered why their wives let them out of the house looking like that. No one says, "You look like an idiot, go change". You can't yell "Hey! that toupee isn't fooling anyone!" or explain to some women that the "lip line" really is where your lips go; you can't just draw on a mouth with lipstick and people will ignore that it's on parts of your face the lip ain't. Along that line of thinking, I image this guy just bounced around on his nuts like a 9 year old on a Hopping Ball, and it was just polite not to bring it up. Maybe when they told him he had to buy two seats on an airplane - one for him and one for his nads - that he decided to do something about it.

But seriously, I think I have this guy in an old medical book I have. Lemme see...yep! "Elephantiasis of the scrotum in a native of Fiji". He was successfully operated on, and the "thing" weighed 120 pounds.

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